NMBP Patroller Resources

Incident Report

An incident report must be filled out for every incident, no matter how minor!  Patrollers are expected to always have a few of these handy, ready to fill out as soon as possible following an incident.

Download NMBP Incident Form (pdf)

Other Patroller Resources:

PROMOTIVE:  http://www.promotive.com/action/login?path=user%2Fhome

Lots of discounted merchandise from NMBP sponsors, including first aid supplies.  (Patrollers only. Please contact the NMBP coordinator if you don’t have a promotive patroller code.)


IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol store: http://www.imba.com/catalog/national-mountain-bike-patrol

This is where you order your jersey and patrol packs.  (Patrollers only.  Must be registered with IMBA as a patroller)


Helpful Smartphone Apps:

American Heart Association – Pocket First Aid and CPR  Handy First aid and CPR reference

http://gps.motionx.com/iphone/overview/  GPS app


Patroller Training Materials

2013 Training Material slides  (~23MB pdf)

NMBP Best Practices Handbook (pdf)

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