Trail Building and Maintenance

PAMBA was formed in April of 2000 to serve as a way for mountain bikers to have a united voice concerning access debates that occurred at Jubilee State Park and Farmdale Reservoir in the late 1990’s.

trail IMBA trail care crew
PAMBA working with the IMBA trail care crew at Farmdale


New “rogue” trails were being built without knowledge or consent from the park management, threatening the closure of all trails to mountain bikers. PAMBA formed to represent mountain bikers at meetings with the Jubilee park management. During these early meetings, PAMBA showed the type of trail features and singletrack layouts that mountain bikers desired. PAMBA also demonstrated to the land managers that most mountain bikers are willing to put sweat equity into the creation and maintenance of the trails. We built trails following the IMBA standards of sustainability. Eventually we built up trust with them that not only kept the trails open to mountain bikers, but led to the acceptance of some new trails into the permanent system at Jubilee.

building the jump track at Farmdale

building the Farmdale Jump track

Over the years PAMBA has developed trail building and maintenance agreements with the Army Corps of Engineers, Metamora Park District, Wildlife Prairie Park, and Pekin Park District. Today, PAMBA has Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements with 4 governing bodies, allowing mountain bike access to 6 major trail systems. Our approach is to form a mutually beneficial partnership with land managers.

  • PAMBA volunteers average more than 2,000 hours annually at 6 trail systems
  • We maintain 50+ miles of trail, some of it considered the best in the Midwest
  • PAMBA hosts 4 of the Illinois state mountain bike championship races
  • Peoria was named one of National Geographic’s 100 Adventure Cities, primarily due to our mountain bike trail network

Building bridges at Black Patridge BP retaining wall
building bridges and a retaining wall at Black Partridge