Trail Map – How to

This will be a work in progress. How to use various trail map formats on PC and mobile devices. I will be adding more links on individual Trail pages to these files. Soon, no more getting lost at Dirksen!


KML: This is a GPS file that can be loaded into various PC and mobile apps. Natively , it is a “Google Earth” file. GPS Visualizer is a good PC website also. It will load into (free) Google Earth app on phones as well as Maprika. (and probably others) Maprika is problematic since it will only display one segment. Maprika works on “Dirksen full route”, “Indy figure 8″ and Wildlife “The Whole Enchilada”,  but not Wildlife Full yet, for that you use Google Earth. Maprika offers different map overlays but Google only does Satellite view.

Method: download file, email it to phone as attachment, open attachment (will probably appear as text file), select “send to” icon, (Android may automatically offer Google Earth option) and select your desired mapping choice. You should now have a trail map and your location visible.

Trailforks app: App is free but you will need a Pinkbike/Trailforks account. (also free) You will have to
search for the region, (I think that’s the way I did it) You then zoom to the area which will expand the map
you want. You will have map and other options under the “i” icon. Some of our local trail systems have missing segments but it will usually suffice to find your way around.