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2021 Race Series Rules
2021 Illinois State Championship

IHRS Race Information

IHRS Series Information

USA Cycling Illinois State Championship

IHRS Race Information

Men’s Categories & Age Divisions

Expert: all ages

Sport: 18 & under

Sport: 19-29

Sport: 30-39

Sport: 40-49

Sport: 50-59

Sport: 60+

Novice: 15-18

Novice: 19-29

Novice: 30-39

Novice: 40-49

Novice: 50-59

Novice: 60 & over

Women’s Categories & Age Divisions

Expert: all ages

Sport: 39 & under

Sport: 40 & over

Novice: 15-18

Novice: 19-39

Novice: 40 & over

Juniors Categories & Age Divisions

Boys/Girls: 14 & under

*Junior age divisions may vary depending on hosting club

Kids Races
Kids races are for youth ages 12 and under.

Kids also race for prizes!

(Registration is still required for kids’ races, but kids’ race is FREE)

Registration Fees

Registration fees are determined by the hosting club, and may vary from race to race.

The ONLINE registration fees for series races hosted by PAMBA are: $15 for Juniors, $25 for Novice, $30 for Sport and Expert

There is an additional $5 charge for day of race registration.

If you do not hold a current USA Cycling license there will be an additional $10 one day license you will be required to purchase.

On-line registration closes the Friday before each race. Walk-in registration closes 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. Other events, such as Downhill or Super D will have separate registration fees.

Start Times

Start times for races will vary by club. Check the hosting club website for details.

Race Distances

Experts/Cat1: 22-32 miles, 100-150 minutes

Sport/Cat2 Men/Women: 12-22 miles, 70-115 minutes

Novice/Cat3 Men/Women: 7-10 miles, 40-55 minutes

Juniors: 7-10 miles when available, 40-55 minutes

Kids: 1/4 mile, distance will vary


The top 3 racers in each age division will receive medals.

The top 5 Men / Women Expert racers will receive medals & cash prizes!

**Cash payout to top 5 based on 15+ participants. Cash and prizes may vary per event depending on hosting club. **

Awards Presentation

IHRS award winners wishing to claim their award are strongly encouraged to participate in the official awards ceremony for that race. Racers unable to attend the awards ceremony are responsible for making arrangements to receive their award by emailing the race coordinator for that event found on that clubs website.

IHRS Racing Rules

Racers may finish the race riding, pushing, or carrying a bike that is mechanically impaired so long as all laps have been completed and no short-cutting of the course has occurred. Race events that are USA Cycling sanctioned must use the USAC rules. Your bike must be in good working condition and be free from hazardous attachments (such as kickstands, open handle bar ends).
Falsification of registration information will result in the issuance of a DNF. Your permanent number plate or race day number plate must be attached to the front of your bike. Penalties for selling, trading, or giving your race number to another participant will result in disqualification of both parties from the race and potential disqualification from participation in the IHRS series.
Racers must ride the same bike they start with throughout the race.
Racers must make any bike repairs during the race by his or her self. Racers are not permitted to accept help or tools from other racers or spectators, and may not accept parts from anyone else’s bike.
A racer on his or her bicycle has the right-of-way over a racer pushing his or her bicycle during a race. Lapped riders and those being overtaken by approaching riders shall yield the trail (fastest part of the trail) when asked by the other rider. It is the responsibility of the approaching rider to make their presence known, to announce their intention to pass by saying “Rider up” or “On your left,” and to pass safely.
Racers must ride the entire course. Short cuts will result in disqualification.
Feeding and/or “hand-ups” to a racer from a support person may occur on any part of the course, but must be clear of the start/finish lines with the following stipulations: 1) all those feeding racers must stand to the right of the course, 2) running with a racer is prohibited, and 3) feeding must not interfere with another competitor.
Unsportsmanlike behavior, foul riding, use of profanity, or flagrant discourtesy directed at participants, spectators, or officials will result in disqualification.
Race/rider protests may be filed with a USAC official within 15 minutes of the Race Results being posted.
Personal listening devices are prohibited during races.

US DOT or CPSC approved helmets are mandatory for all racers. The event organizers reserve the right to add/delete or combine classes or age groups depending on turnout. The event organizers also reserve the right to modify course layout or cancel events depending on course conditions.

Mandatory Upgrade Policy

Category 2/Sport Men:

IHRS will require Category 2/Sport to upgrade to Category 1/Expert if:

Rider placed in the top three overall in points the prior season.
Rider wins 5 times during the current season.

Category 3/ Novice Men:

IHRS will require Category 3/Novice to upgrade to Category 2/Sport if:

Rider placed in the top three overall in points the prior season.
Rider wins 5 times during the current season.

Category 3 and Category 2 Women:

IHRS will require Category 2 & 3 Women to upgrade to their next category if:

Rider placed first overall in the series must move up to the next category.
Note: IHRS upgrade policy is in addition to USA Cycling upgrading rules.

IHRS Series Information

Series Registration

You must register for the series to be included in the overall series standings. No Series registrations will be accepted after the 4th series race.

Series registration is $15 and on Race day only. (No USA Cycling or BikeReg link) Register at any one of the first 4 races.

Note: Even if you have a series registration, you still must register for each race. No series registration is available after June 13th. You must register for the series for your prior races to count towards your series points.

Series Benefits

We track your race results, compile your points, and include you in the series standings throughout the year. You can find your series standing on the Standings tab. If you don’t register with the series, you are only included in the individual race results on the Results tab.
You get a permanent number plate and use the same number for each race. The timing chip is attached to the back of the number plate.
You are eligible for the end of year series awards.
Note: If you complete any races prior to registering with the series, those races are included in your series points. For example, if you race in the 3rd Series race and then decide to register for the Series, the points from the first 3 races will count towards your series points.

Series Awards

The final XC event will be Sunday August 29th at the Farmdale Festival where the prizes will be awarded and champions crowned. USA Cycling IL State Championship medals will be awarded to the top 3 in each category and age division. Trophy and prizes will go to the top 3 overall in each category: Juniors, Novice Men and Women, Sport Men and Women, Expert Men and Women.

Medals, Trophies and Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the final race at the Farmdale Festival.

Series Points

A rider’s best 5 finishes will be used to calculate a series point total. IL USAC Sanctioned races will be used to calculate a series age division points total. Points are based on overall place within the category. 1st place receives 150 points, 2nd -142 points, 3rd -135 points, 4th -129 points, 5th -124 points and so on.

Series Bonus Points

Your best 5 race results count towards your overall standing points. If you participate in more than 5 races, you are awarded 5 bonus points for each additional race you finish.

USA Cycling Illinois State Championship

Men’s Categories & Age Divisions

Expert/Cat1: 18 & under

Expert/Cat1: 19-29

Expert/Cat1: 30-39

Expert/Cat1: 40-49

Expert/Cat1: 50-59

Expert/Cat1: 60+

Sport/Cat2: 18 & under

Sport/Cat2: 19-29

Sport/Cat2: 30-39

Sport/Cat2: 40-49

Sport/Cat2: 50-59

Sport/Cat2: 60+

Novice/Cat3: 15-18

Novice/Cat3: 19-29

Novice/Cat3: 30-39

Novice/Cat3: 40-49

Novice/Cat3: 50-59

Novice/Cat3: 60 & over

Women’s Categories & Age Divisions

Expert/Cat1: 39 & under

Expert/Cat1: 40 & over

Sport/Cat2: 39 & under

Sport/Cat2: 40 & over

Novice/Cat3: 39 & under

Novice/Cat3: 40 & over

Juniors Categories & Age Divisions

Boys/Girls: 14 & under

Boys/Girls: 15 – 18


All racers must have an annual license from USA Cycling to be able to acquire IL State Championship points. Participant must have competed the minimum required USA Cycling/IHRS sanctioned events to be eligible for State Championship awards. The top 3 in each age division of Juniors, Novice/Cat 3, Sport/Cat 2 and Expert/Cat 1 will receive USA Cycling IL State Championship medals. State champions will receive an IL State championship jersey (*must hold a valid USA Cycling license and reside in Illinois). The top 3 overall in each category will receive a series championship trophy and prizes at the end of the season Farmdale Festival. To purchase a USA Cycling license visit

USA Cycling Mountain is the mountain bike division of USA Cycling, whose purpose is to guide, service, and promote mountain biking as a competitive sport and outdoor activity. USA Cycling is the internationally recognized body for conducting of State and National championships, selection of the National team, and selection of Olympic competitors in the sport of mountain biking. USA Cycling has the following objectives:

To achieve widespread mountain bike participation for all ages, skill levels, and genders;
To have its sanctioned events be of high quality and meet the basic requirements of good event management;
To be a forum to identify and select the best elite athletes;
To support and promote proper land use ethics and responsible riding;
To influence national and international decisions that affect mountain biking; and
To promote a good public image of mountain biking and mountain biking cyclists.
The Purpose of the USA Cycling Mountain Bike State and Regional championships is to recognize the best mountain bike racers in each state and region. Through the USA cycling MTB State and Regional championships, riders will be eligible for state and regional titles and medals, along with being able to qualify and compete at the USA Cycling MTB National championships.

IHRS State Championship Points Scale

Place Points Place Points Place   Points Place Points
1st    150    16th  81      31st    36      46th   5
2nd   142    17th  78      32nd   33      47th   4
3rd    135    18th  75      33rd   30      48th   3
4th    129    19th  72      34th   28      49th+ 2
5th    124    20th  69      35th   26      DNF 1
6th    120    21st  66      36th   24
7th    116    22nd 63      37th   22
8th    112    23rd  60      38th   20
9th    108    24th  57      39th   18
10th  104    25th  54      40th   16
11th  100    26th  51      41st   14
12th  96      27th  48      42nd  12
13th  92      28th  45      43rd   10
14th  88      29th  42      44th   8
15th  84      30th  39      45th   6

DNF’s = 1 point