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As it says, it will offer a 3 hour ride, a 6 hour ride and a 12 hour ride. The goal is to complete as many laps as you can within those hours.


The 3 hour course is approximately 5 miles while the 6 and 12 hour course is approximately 10 miles. There will be one aid station available on the course. The 12 hour race will start at 7 am, 6 hour race will start at 1 pm, and the 3 hour race will start at 4 pm. There is a hard cut off at 7 pm. If you do not finish by 7 pm that lap will not be counted and your final time will be recorded when you cross the finish line. 

You must be a current 2025 PAMBA member to participate in this event. If you are not a member you can sign up below. Individual memberships are $20 a year and family memberships are $30 a year. All memberships expire on 12/31. There is a $15 race fee for all participants. 

Event Sponsors

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